Why EveryDay Successes?

Some of you may have wondered why I chose this name. Well I’ll explain. I have been living with EDS and doing fairly well. Granted my EDS is less advanced than others that I have met but still I’m doing better than expected. I am going to school and working part time while managing pain, dislocations and other health symptoms. It is a struggle but I try not to dwell on the tough times. I think that it is important to feel the small successes. For instance, taking a full set of stairs with no knee dislocations! When this happens and I make it to the top (all in one piece), I feel on top of the world, when really I am on the top of a small set of stairs. As small as the stairs may be, I still like to look down at them and think to myself, “Yup, I made those stairs my bi***!” Dramatic? Not exactly. Not for someone with EDS like me. I love to celebrate these small victories or successes if you will. This is where the name comes from. Instead of everyday complaining, I want to celebrate the EveryDay Successes.