5 Rolls of Tape

With dislocations come the techniques that everyone has tried to keep the body parts attached. For me KT tape works the best compared to braces and all. This is why Day 5 is 5 rolls of tape in our Countdown to an EDS Christmas.

6 Ice Packs

There other zebras out there saying, “yesss!”. I’ve is one thing that gives me relief during painful days. I have used ice packs for years. I have at all times at least two packs in the freezer. This makes today, 6 ice packs in our Countdown to an EDS Christmas!

7 Diagnosis

Another thing that I have collected is medical diagnoses. I have gathered a slew of them, as most Zebras do! So, Day 7 is diagnoses of our Countdown to an EDS Christmas!

8 Subluxations

Ehlers Danlos survivors have many dislocations but we also have our fair share of subluxations. I know weird word but so is Ehlers Danlos. Say it three times fast, I double dog dare you! Anyway, subluxations are partial dislocations. This means that the joint moves but doesn’t completely dislocate. And yes it still hurts like a “you know what”! This is why number 8 is subluxations on our Countdown to an EDS Christmas!

Enjoy the EveryDay Successes!