Striped Tales from a Freckled Girl

*Checks watch* Yup, it’s been a while. And I’ll tell you why… this is the story (or the striped tale) of my life the past year…

April- I took a LOT of exams. (I was STRESSED!!!) πŸ˜₯

May- I GRADUATED from college!! (Finally! I took what I am calling a victory lap. Sorry Dad for the extra year of financial aid!) πŸŽ‰

June- I got married! (And let me just tell you, it is difficult to plan a wedding. Planning a commitment ceremony is crazy hard especially when not even your body parts want to stay committed to you!) πŸ‘°

July- I moved! (It was only a few blocks but it was still hard!) πŸ“¦

August- I started my first big girl job where I got to put my degree to the test! (Stressed isn’t the word!) 😭

September- Did y’all see that hurricane? I sat and worried about a lot of people. 😦

October- I got to go to see the Dallas Cowboys play the Redskins! (Keep your opinions to yourself, this is my blog.) πŸ˜›

November- I had some terrible medical stuff happen and had to have a procedure done. (I am recovering and doing just fine!) πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ

December- I was in a wreck! A deer totaled my husband’s car on a trip from my parents house. (Me, my husband and our dog are fine. The car however is a goner!) πŸš™

January- Feeling super guilty for not posting since last April!! Oops. To be fair…. over the last few months I have earned my zebra stripes. Y’all, I am ready for life to calm down.

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