The Real MVP of Chronic Illness

Some of you probably read that and thought, “What? There is no MVP!?”, but I believe that we have to give credit where credit is due. The real MVP’s are those friends who stick with you through thick and thin. I have mentioned time and time again that you have to make cuts to your team; eliminate those who are toxic to your health, whether that be physically or mentally. But today we are discussing those that you wouldn’t trade for the world. These are your MVP’s. My MVP’s are the ones who never give up and always look out for me, sometimes too much, ha. MVP’s are friends who are willing to sit around and watch movies or play card games instead of going out because they know that you’re in pain, the ones who decide to pick you up without asking because they know that driving is painful for you, the ones who ask what you need before you even need something, the ones who can tell on your face (even though you’re smiling) that you are in pain. These are the people to hold close and love with all your might. These are your winning team and the ones who will get you to the championship. Every team has a few key players. They are as follows:

The Know It all: the one who knows you better than you know yourself and knows when you are hurting and what you need.

The Joker: The one who makes you laugh through the pain and brightens your day with the pure silliness they possess.

The Worrier: The one who worries about your safety. The one who makes sure that you are taking care of yourself as much as they feel you should.

The Tough Love: The one who tells you to suck it up when you need to. The one who makes sure that you are not a pity party of one.

These are are all essential parts of your team. Make sure to draft the right players and treat them with care because they help make you who you are. These players will be the back up you need to make it through all the difficult times and will help you conquer all the opposing teams. For those MVP’s reading, I love you so much and wouldn’t trade you for anything. You are my championship team.

P.S. Sorry I can’t pay you as well as the MLB. 😉