How EDS has made me a Mathematician.

Recently I discussed how planning is a necessity for those with a chronic illness. Planning for a zebra is not just picking out an outfit and deciding which route to take. It is a very complicated math algorithm, that must be executed precisely. My form of this planning starts with the following questions based on the location: how many sets of stairs are there, is there a lot of walking, how much walking, does the venue have seats, can you rest, etc. Then the questions revolve around the current state of my body. These questions include: how bad am I hurting, what will I have done before that, what do I have to do after that, can my joints take it, etc. Then I ask myself all the questions again and add up all the facts and the concerns. Working through all the components is hard but in the end I determine if the trip or event is worth it. I have to add the benefits and subtract the consequences and figure out what the best option is. Dividing my time and strength is less favorable than just doing everything I want to do but the only way to ensure my safety. After the numerous mathematics equations, I am finally able to start making decisions and determine my path. Does this bother me? Sometimes, but it is a good thing I like math! Does it get annoying? Sure does, but I figure it out and move on. Heck, you never know, all this math could be making the zebras smarter! Enjoy the EveryDay Successes!

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