Planning vs Spontaneity

Everyone has their own personal level of spontaneity and everyone plans their lives to some extent but when you are living with a chronic illness it is near impossible to be spontaneous or plan. Sounds weird that neither are easy but it’s true. Planning is made difficult by never knowing the pain you are going to be in the next day or how your body will feel in a week. Being spontaneous is made nearly impossible by the number of possible challenges you may face during the event. So what are you supposed to do? You plan EVERYTHING, down to how many times you will need to avoid the stairs or how many feet you have to walk and then shift and modify according to pain level the day of. So technically, I would say you are a little of both and neither at the same time. Makes sense, right? Probably not to those who are not forced to think like a zebra but to those zebras it makes complete sense.

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