What to say when the pain just won’t go away.

Pain isn’t the easiest thing to live with but it isn’t impossible. We have all had those days where the pain just doesn’t seem to give up and it relentlessly nags you until you feel like you will never recover. We all have to remember this is far from the truth. We will all make it and be better for the struggle. Being able to overcome those days that are so tiresome (and quite frankly miserable) make us realize the extent of our capabilities. We are strong and independent and we will survive anything. It may seem hard to keep a straight face and continuously tell everyone, “I am fine” (you know you say it even though it may not be true!) but just keep in mind that there is tomorrow and you never know what it will bring. So when the pain is constant and seemingly endless just say, “I may be down today but I will be up tomorrow.”

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