Just a Bump in the Road

Everyone and every family deals with their own disappointments and upsets. Everyone receives bad news or gets into situations that are tough to deal with. These are unfortunate but unavoidable. These inevitable events are what my family and I have come to call bumps in the road. Each road has its own bumps and potholes but just ahead is a patch of newly placed concrete. Holding your head up high and making it through the tough situations will make you a stronger person and will make you feel more appreciative of that new asphalt. The situations may seem like the worst thing that’s ever happened and that you will never be the same but this is far from true. You are capable of handling more than you think. You are going to make it through those rough patches and you are going to be okay. Not to far from now there is going to be a patch of fresh concrete where you can put the windows down, crank the music and know that you are okay!

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