My Most Recent and Devastatingly Hilarious Dislocation

Story Time!

I told the story of my most embarrassing and devastating dislocation before and since I told that story, I was prepared to be embarrassed and regret it but I haven’t. I have found that if I laugh at myself first and realize just how ridiculous it is to be embarrassed about something that is out of my control. So, I have had another epic whip out since then and I figured “Hey, why not post about it to the internet!” So here we go….

Let’s set the scene… I went to lunch with my fiance and his parents at a local place that we often eat at. We love the small hometown places and this place always stays full. I had an audience to say the least. Well we had already eaten and we were getting ready to leave to free up a table for those that were standing. As we left, my fiance stopped to get a refill. This left him facing away from me. As I walked out, I slipped and by slipped I mean total wipe out. I crashed into the front door that has those bells attached so the workers know to expect another customer. EVERY eye turned my way. As I was falling I grabbed for the handle and I subluxed my shoulder because of the force I fell and all my weight being on that one arm. To say it was painful is a bit of an understatement. To this day my neck still hurts. But the worst part wasn’t the pain, it was the embarrassment. I got myself up and promptly ran (okay, swiftly walked) to the car and to make things worse the car was locked. -__- The other customers who were concerned about the girl who just took a face dive into the door were looking through the windows and staring at me. I smiled and waited for my fiance to meet me outside and let me into the car so I could die of embarrassment. I thought that this embarrassment would last a long time but it didn’t. It lasted about an hour before I was laughing and making jokes about being able to hurt myself in the most hilarious ways.

The moral of this story is don’t get hung up on the silly or embarrassing things. There is always a brighter side to the story. I bust my tail in front of a building full of people, hurt myself pretty bad and still laugh about it. Try to forget the humiliating parts and take joy in the small things. Enjoy the EveryDay Successes.

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