A Butterfly on my Knee.

On my Instagram page (eds.everydaysuccesses) I posted a picture of the butterfly tattoo I just got a couple of days ago. I promised an explanation about the butterfly and ensured you that it had to do with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and my journey. So if you are interested here it goes…I know an EDS tattoo should be a zebra or a spoon or something obvious, right? Well mine is a bit more subtle and unique. When I had my first surgery they had to cut many different spots on my knee for the cameras to be placed. One cut in particular was a circle that they punched out and then sewed up in a star like pattern. After it healed it was in the shape of a small butterfly. (Making a bit more sense now?) My mom thought this was the funniest thing and insisted that I needed it colored in at all times. My mother would take a sharpie and color in my little butterfly shaped scar every time she saw that it was fading. I thought that she was absolutely crazy at first but then I started to grow accustomed to the little butterfly on my leg. I loved that little butterfly. It was a distraction from the numerous scars I was collecting on my leg. I could look at my leg and see only the smallest butterfly and feel better about the horror show my leg was turning into. Over the years I have grown to like my scars. I think of them as war wounds from battles won but I think I will always see that little butterfly when I see my scars. I don’t know that my mom understands how much her graffiti really changed my perspective (and maybe she will after she reads this) but I will always remember the way a small butterfly on your knee can change everything.


Thanks mom for being your quirky self and making my scars and pain easier to handle. I love you. I hope you love the butterfly on my knee as much as I do.

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