“What Keeps You Going?”

Recently I was asked why I work so hard to maintain a normal life. At first I thought that it was such a weird question. I thought, “why wouldn’t I have a normal life already?” and “who doesn’t want a normal life?” Then they restated the question, “I mean with how hard everything must be, how do you actually have the strength to get up each day and work so hard?” Well, this made more sense. I thought to myself for a second and said something along the lines of this, “I have this disability but I am not disabled. I am not incapable of anything and I want to prove that I can do anything.” This interaction has made me think. What makes us want to work hard and do things even if we are in pain? What gives us that strength to push boundaries and work our tails off to achieve everything we want. After some consideration I realized what helps me. The following are a few of the things that drive me and why.

My future career: I plan on being a Special Educator. I will be working with students who have been dealt something out of their control, that they are forced to deal with. These students look up to me to show them that just because you have an obstacle doesn’t mean you are incapable of anything. Knowing that I have personal experiences that can help my students pushes me to get up each morning and face the day even though I feel terrible or I am having a bad pain day. My career is my passion.

My stubborn ways: I am too stubborn to accept that I have limitations. I know this about myself and I know that I should take a break sometimes but for some reason I don’t. I like to prove to myself that I am capable of anything, even if it can be dangerous to my health. I sometimes push to hard and hurt myself, boy is that humbling, but I love to prove to others and mainly myself that I am invincible. I mean who else do you know that can dislocate a body part, put it back, and not shed a tear? I’ll wait… Couldn’t think of anyone, huh? My stubborn ways are what keep me grounded.

My parents: I know I say this a lot and you are probably tired of reading about it but my parents are the reason I am who I am. My parents have always push me to do more and be more than I am already. They do not allow me to sit around and pity myself because I hurt. They never push me to hard but they always make me live up to my potential. It is because of them that I believe in myself and think that some day I can change the world if I try hard enough. My parents provide that extra push.

With all of these elements mixed into one, I am a force like no other. I am strong willed and determined. I will make all my dreams come true, provide support to students who need it the most and who knows, maybe even raise awareness for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in the meantime.



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