What Do You Think is the Most Misunderstood Aspect of EDS?

I think that the most misunderstood aspect of EDS is the most obvious one. You can’t see EDS. You can’t look at someone with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and think “oh yeah, I can tell she has that.” Being invisible makes it harder to understand for those who come in contact with a zebra. Understanding a broken arm is easy because you see the cast or psoriasis because you see the red skin. It is impossible to see EDS in everyday life. You can’t see the pain behind someone’s eyes without really knowing them and you can’t tell when someone is falling apart from the inside out. Because of this people mistake those with EDS as complainers and hypochondriacs. It is important to understand that everyone has struggles. Some are larger than others but all are important. I struggle with this. I struggle to understand why people can’t just stop and take a moment to think about what others go through but I know that if I was not going through something myself that I may not do this either. This is why I started a blog, to help others understand that just because I look okay does not mean we feel okay. We are literally living through a battle under our skin but smiling through it. Please, next time you see someone take a moment to understand them before you say something about them.

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