Top Things to Pass the Time When Stuck in Bed

What are your top things to pass time when stuck in bed?

With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome there is a lot of much needed down time. Everyday activities are really hard on our bodies. It is hard to maintain a healthy life with we are in constant pain and the pain wears us down to the point that dislocations and subluxations are more prone to happen. It is difficult to understand how going to the grocery store can make us miserable but it’s wear and tear done to our bodies. When you body is fighting to stay together it is important to give it some rest. But the pain isn’t what makes us miserable all the time. Sometimes it is even more crippling to be bedridden because of the pain. So what do we do during that time? Good Question.

During my time I do the normal things that everyone does when they are sick. I watch Netflix, read, and play on my computer but these are not always the best options. So I have had to find things that are more important and conducive to my life. Some of the activities I have started to do are crafting and blogging (I know, duhh, right?). I have found small crafts to be more fulfilling than binge watching Gilmore Girls for the 5th time. (I know I have a problem… I’m okay with it.) My latest project was my wedding save the dates. I made them completely by hand and let me tell you, it took a loooooong time. I was so pleased with the outcome though. I love them and I love that I was being constructive during my down time. Being able to have something to show for your down time makes the word of difference. And who says you can’t have Netflix on in the background? I sure did. Drawing and painting are another form of creation that I fall back on during my time spent sitting. My entire apartment is covered in pictures I have drawn and paintings that I and friends have made. I love art. It is very expressive. The only thing I am missing right now is a piece featuring EDS (I know I should be ashamed…). If you have any ideas please feel free to share so that I can make that part of my collection. Who knows maybe it will be part of my next project. The last thing I am going to mention is blogging. I know it is pretty obvious that I blog, but blogging is a great way to express what I am feeling during those times that I am laying down. I tend to get very frustrated with off time and I have found that if I blog about EDS while having to rest because of EDS I am a happier person. Making the best of a bad situation, makes my time seem less useless.

Finding these activities that make you happier even when life is full of lemons can make all the difference. Finding what helps you get your mind off of the situation and put you into a better state is very important. I have read about other zebras who meditate, paint, draw, etc… Just try some stuff out. You don’t have to be Picasso to be a creative and you don’t have to be Shakespeare to write. I mean look at me… 

If you have some ideas for things to do in down time leave us a comment and share! 🙂

As always thank you for reading and enjoy the EveryDay Successes.

2 thoughts on “Top Things to Pass the Time When Stuck in Bed

  1. Linda Read says:

    Thank you for teaching/educating people like me about EDS. You are obviously a fighter even in your ‘good’ days. I can’t even imagine your pain or how you think when your eyes open up the first thing in the morning about what the day will bring. Thank you for being candid, honest, and most of all informative. Peace to you, your family and friends.


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