Healthy Habits and Why They Help

Another day, another post. So the question is…

What healthy habits have you adapted since getting diagnosed?

Since being diagnosed I have changed some of my habits but I haven’t changed tremendously. These have included…

 changing my perception of certain situations and eating differently. I believe that being healthy is more than just how you eat and how many miles you run a day. I think that it is a state of mind. Recently I posted about how when first diagnosed I began to feel depression set in. (You can read more about that here.) After overcoming the worst of the depression, I made an effort to see the good in the small tasks. I changed my perception. Let’s go back to the stairs reference that I use a lot… sorry about that. Instead of looking at a set of stairs as my ultimate downfall, I see them as a challenge. My goal is to tackle the stairs and not feel like my body is going to fall apart. Does that always work? No, but changing the way I see things has drastically changed my mental health. I am more confident in myself and my abilities.

Another thing I have done to improve my mental health is to view EDS as a superpower and not a problem. If I can imagine myself as Mrs. Incredible, just stretching all the time it is easier to handle the tough times. Does this happen all the time? No. But I make an effort to think this positively more often than not. Thinking this way is very important in making it through the day. Without that positivity, I would be more inclined to sit around and feel sorry for myself and that is just no way to live. 

I mentioned eating habits earlier. Well, I have changed how I eat to help improve the way I feel. I have attempted to cut things like caffeine, except coffee (that’s for y’all’s sake, not just mine!), and artificial substances. I have started eating organic as much as possible and only use real sugar. I don’t know that this is helping with my dislocations and pain but it is making me feel healthier and in turn helping me deal with the day to day pain. Just making these small adjustments have helped me tremendously because I feel better. My next step is to start cutting other foods, like carbs. Wish me luck!

Changing your habits to be more healthy can be anything. You could make an effort to go to lunch with a friend once a week to boost your moral. You could change the way you eat or workout more often. There are plenty of ways to make yourself feel better.

If you have changed something in your life to make you feel better, leave a comment and let us know what you did and how it helped you.

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