Laughter is the Best Medicine… Right?

So, we all know that I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and that it makes my life just a tad bit harder sometimes. I deal with dislocations and pain on a daily basis but I feel that it is important to try and describe the severity and ridiculousness of my dislocations. If someone without EDS dislocates it has to be some sort of accident or tragic event. It does not have to be so dramatic for me. Listen to this story about how I dislocated yesterday…

I was walking into a store to grab some stuff for school and I sneezed. Whelp, that was it. I sneezed and somehow that dislocated my knee! Crazy right? That small amount of movement made a totally different part of my body dislocate. This is what it is like for most zebras. The smallest things can make us dislocate. I have dislocated sitting, standing, laying down, sitting in class (a friend could tell you many stories about this), etc… As you can see, it takes almost nothing to make me dislocate. The point of me telling you this is not for you to feel bad, trust me I thought it was hilarious, it’s so that you understand how fragile most of us are. To everyone around me yesterday I was just a girl who was laughing because I sneezed, they probably thought I was being weird.  What others didn’t realize was that I was laughing at how ridiculous that dislocation was. No one would have known I dislocated because I was laughing through the pain. (Laughter is the best medicine, right?) With this post, I am only asking you to understand how fragile people can be under the skin before making snap judgements based on appearance. We may not look sick but under the skin is a whole lot of zebra print.

If you have any funny dislocation stories you would like to share, please comment them down below.

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