How being sick has changed my relationships

When you are chronically sick, it doesn't just effect you. Unfortunately anyone who is near you is part of it also. But have you ever wondered how it changes your friendships? I think we all have.

Being sick is something that can make or break your relationships. As a healthy person it is hard to understand those who are sick and put yourself in someone else's shoes. On the other hand it is hard to be a sick person and not feel guilty for being sick or jealous of those who aren't. It's a scary cycle but it is one we deal with everyday.

As a person will a chronic illness, I know that some of my relationships have been strengthened and some weakened and some all together cut. Some of the relationships I have that are strengthened are my parents and siblings. We are so close because I am forced to rely on them more than I should. At 22 you shouldn't have to think about how bad you are hurting and how you need a ride to the doctors because you may not be able to drive. It's terrible but my parents and siblings are so supportive and helpful.

Not all of my relationships have flourished quite as well though. Some of my friendships have been weakened because I am not able to do the things that my friends wanted to do. I mean I can't go on those hiking trips or go play frisbee in the park. After hearing, "I probably shouldn't" or "I'm hurting too bad" people will stop inviting you places. I get it completely. I feel bad that I can't do these things and trust me it is an internal struggle knowing what I want to do and what I can't do. I don't blame these people and I'm not mad. I understand that EDS is hard to deal with and I respect those who have shied away.

I get how relationships are different for everyone but as a person with a chronic illness it is hard to make and maintain friendships. I know who my friends are because they have been to hell and back with me and stayed by my side through it all and for that I can't thank them enough! I Love You Guys!

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