EDSer Pet Peeves

The question of the day is, “What is your biggest pet peeve about trying to explain EDS?” Oh this is going to be fun. Before I start please know that I mean no offense to anyone that has done this. I understand why you may and I appreciate you but it does hurt my feelings a bit. 

My biggest pet peeve related to EDS (Lord knows I have a lot in general) is people saying “oh yeah I have that too” or “yeah, but I have insert minor issue, which is worse.” It really frustrates me to no end for someone to act as if what I am going through is nothing. I know what I deal with and how much it hurts and how crippling it is. It is crazy to me to think that someone can hear multiple dislocations of all major limbs and think that it can’t be worse than their ailments. Now, I know that people out there have it way worse than me. I would never try and say someone with a life threatening disorder has it better than me. I feel for people and I hate what others are going through. We all have our own struggles but it is important to respect and listen to understand each other. 

I know that it says one but I’m going to discuss two. Another thing that I (and other EDSers) don’t like is when we say we are stretchy and someone says, ”me too!” and shows us that one finger that they are double jointed in. And guess what. That conversation always ends in, “well maybe I have what you have, because I am bendy!” -_- Being double jointed or extremely stretchy in one spot is not means to jump to conclusions. I get that people are trying to relate but we spend so much of our time dealing with dislocations and stretchy joints that we don’t want to spend our free time looking at more. 

Please know that if you have ever done any or all of these things, I understand. It is hard to understand what is going on and you have probably never experienced a dislocation. It’s okay. I understand you are just trying to relate. To be fair, I only dislike these things because I envy those who don’t have to hurt and dislocate. I envy the freedom you have and it makes it hard to hide my jealousy when these situations arise. 

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