When I Realized There was More to the Story. 

I can’t believe I am on Day 10! Today is all about when I thought that the dislocations/subluxations were related to something more. 

I first dislocated in 2008. The experience was traumatic and scary especially because I didn’t know what happened. After that my knee wouldn’t stay in place. I went to all kinds of doctors and had loads of tests done. It was a long process to say the least. After no amount of physical therapy helped, I got an appoint and had surgery in 2009. After my first surgery and I was still dislocating, I kind of gave up for a while on finding a solution. But then I scheduled another surgery in 2012 (I think…). After the second surgery being a bust. I thought something else may be happening. There had to be another reason. No one has two surgeries that are supposed to fix the problem and still dislocates. (If you are squeamish you may not want to read the next sentence.) I initially had my ligament tightened and I stretched it enough to dislocate VERY quickly. The second surgery gave me a cadaver ligament and can you believe it? I stretched that out too. At this point we knew something was different.

Even though we were questioning it, we scheduled my third and final surgery later in 2012. I say final because I do not want to endure another (unless it is a VERY good odds), not because it worked. After the surgery, I was miserable. The surgery did not go quite as planned. I ended up with a 6 inch scar that runs down my shin for nothing. I appreciated the team of doctors attempts to help me but unfortunately I was still in pain. At this point, I gave up on surgery. I knew it was something else, right? It had to be, right? I was not crazy, right? I couldn’t be hurting this bad for no reason, right? Well I was right. I found out a little later about something called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and it changed my life.

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