A Story All About How… Awesome my Best Friend Really is.

This is a story all about how my… best friend handled me during my last surgery.

My last and hardest surgery was in January of my senior year of highschool. We had moved back home where my best friend lived recently and I was happy to be so close to family. Now J and I have been friends for many many years but because I was away he hadn’t seen too much of the dislocations and surgeries and pt and so on but he handled it better than I could ever have imagined. He came over to our house each and everyday and watched a movie with me. He even let me pick the movie everyday. How sweet right?

Now you need to know, one of my dad’s friends had given me a HUGE pile of movies to watch after surgery. Also, In my drug induced state, I did not remember much of what was happening throughout the first week. Well, I found out later when I was off the medication that I had requested the same movie for about 6 or 7 days. I thought that was hilarious when I found out. I figured they just put on a different movie and watched it without me. Because, let’s face it, I wasn’t going to remember or even stay awake through the whole thing. However, I was very shocked to hear that J had sat and watched the movie 7 times with me. He didn’t even complain about me requesting the same movie over and over. At this point it is a joke in our family but it means more to me. This small gesture was enough to make me realize how awesome my friends and family are. They have put up with so much from dislocations, surgery, aches and pains to re-watching the same movie 7 times while I sleep off the medicine! I can not thank my family enough for all that they do. I can not explain the appreciation I have for you all. Thanks for sticking with me guys.

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