Dislocation Count 

What’s a dislocation count? I’m glad you asked. As a person with EDS I dislocate on a daily basis. If I don’t dislocate at least one limb a day it is considered a spectacular day, no matter the pain level I am at. A dislocation count can be measured in different ways. Some may count the number of body parts that have dislocated over time. This would mean I would count my knee as one even though it has dislocated multiple times a day for years. Others may want to count each dislocation in a day. I do this. I will keep track of how many dislocations I have had in a day and base whether it was a good day or not on a combination of how many dislocations compared to amount of pain experienced at bed time. I know, more math… everything in our world seems like a math problem. 

So how about today? Well today my daily dislocation count is at 3. That may sound high or low to you but for me this is quite average. My right knee can and has dislocated more than that in an hour. Thankfully all dislocations today were located in my right knee, where I’m pretty sure I don’t feel pain anymore. Not because it is medically impossible for me to feel pain but because I am so used to the pain there I don’t notice it anymore. Crazy right?

I hate that we have to try and remember how many things dislocated and when but it is important to know what is happening with our bodies. If we can figure out the cause of a particular dislocation then we will be able to avoid or tackle that activity in a different way. For this reason I am going to start posting some of my dislocations and why or how they happened. I can not promise to upload them all but I will try and give a dislocation count each day to help you guys understand the struggles of your friends, the Zebras. 

2 thoughts on “Dislocation Count 

  1. Jennifer says:

    Tori, I was always loose and bendy. I experienced my first painful dislocation when I had my accident in the military. It was my hip along pelvis shift.
    I say my first painful because I. Oils dislocated my shoulders on command.


    • Thank you for commenting. I am so sorry to hear about you dislocating. I know how hard it is. Please know that there are always people here for you. I hope you are enjoying reading. Please feel free to leave feedback! 🙂


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