How do You Stay Motivated?

It’s day 9 y’all! Day 9 is all about what keeps me motivated.

Life with EDS can be very discouraging, frustrating and sometimes down right miserable but it is important to stay motivated and try and maintain good spirits throughout each day. How? Good question.
There are few things that keep me motivated on a daily basis except just plain determination to do more and be more than I am. It is no secret that I am stubborn. I push myself in everything I do but I tend to push myself too much when it comes to EDS. My motivation is to do more than the day before. I want to push myself because I do not like the idea of being bedridden and sedentary. I like adventure and I know if I don’t push myself then I will not be able to enjoy life. That being said, I love a challenge and I challenge myself to walk that extra 30 minutes after I start hurting because I want to know that I can do it. 

Another motivation for me is my friends and family. I know you are probably tired of hearing this but they really are the best things in my world. I have always wanted to make my parents and friends proud. In fact I actually dream about making my parents proud. I used to have this dream pretty often. In the dream, I physically trained everyday and my EDS went away and I was able to run again. My parents were so happy they cried and were so proud of my accomplishments. Now obviously training isn’t going to make the EDS go away (wouldn’t that be nice) but I have very realistic goals now. I want to graduate, be a mom, retire, etc. I know that any goal is harder for me but is within reach. I am going to be better and make everyone proud. I may have a broken body but my spirit is intact. 

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