Top 5 Coping Tips Continued…

Alright guys. Yesterday asked what my top 5 tips for coping with EDS were and if you read yesterdays post, you know that I gave some of the tips but not all. If you did not read it Click Here to see those tips. Well today I am going to give more tips for coping with EDS and all that comes with it. I will cover how I deal with pain, how I force myself to rest, and how to use your sense of humor to deal with the stress of it all.

First let’s talk about pain, because zebras have their fair share of pain and then some. It is hard to deal with at times but there are some things that make it bearable. I like to surround myself with distractions. Instead of being in pain and sitting all alone in a dark room, where there is nothing to do but think about the pain, try to be around friends or family that help make the time less miserable. Friends of mine understand that when my legs feel like they are going to explode that we have to do sit down things, such as watch a movie or play board games. Being with someone can really help make the time go by faster and get your mind off the pain that you are in. If friends and family are too much for the amount of pain you have then try and do something you enjoy. Watch that youtube channel you like or read a book. Try to have an escape from the pain. If you feel like sitting and watching a movie is a waste of time, you can try my next tip for coping.

Because our bodies get so tired so quickly, people with EDS have to rest a lot. This can be the most frustrating thing ever. I hate to be told, “you need to sit down and rest.” I do not like to spend my time sitting and sitting and sitting. It is very boring. As much as I hate resting, I know I need to do do it. So I have found a way to keep myself busy while resting while also being productive. I like to craft and I am not bad at it, so I make sure I always have some ongoing project. These are things that I can do while sitting and icing whatever body part is being iced on that day. I am currently engaged so working on save the dates and things have been my focus but I have hand sewed, crocheted, painted, and I always give homemade christmas presents, so that keeps me busy in the later months. It is a great way to focus your efforts on something and resting your body at the same time. Crafting may not be for everyone, so try and find something similar that you enjoy. Heck, try blogging, because lord knows I never saw myself doing this. I enjoy it though.

The last and probably most helpful is to always have a sense of humor about everything that is going on. I know that may seem silly and/or impossible considering the zebra lifestyle but why not joke about the things we can not control. For instance, my friends and I joke that I am the real life Mrs. Potato Head. It helps to laugh at the situations and be able to loosen up sometimes. If I just cried every time I hurt, I would dry up from loss of water. It is easier to make a joke and try to move past it. Next time you dislocate something minor (for me that is my knee) just say what I always say to my fiance. If I dislocate, he will ask, “Are you okay?” and I respond with comments like, “I like it. It feels great. It’s awesome. I love it.” I say positive things until the worst of the pain in over and then I just laugh. Just make sure whoever you are with or anyone who hears you say it, knows that you are joking!

Whether you are trying to escape the pain, make yourself rest or joke about the situation you are facing, please remember it will all be better just keep on laughing.

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