How EDS have changed my life for the better

Day 6 of the EDS blogging challenge asks how EDS has changed my life for the better.

Thinking of all the things that I have said in my previous posts, it is probably hard to imagine EDS having a positive impact on my life but I think that it has in some ways.

I won’t lie. EDS has not always made my life easy but I have grown because of EDS. I believe that I have grown to be stronger with EDS. I am capable of handling amounts of pain and frustration that most would not even understand much less live with on a day to day basis. I sometimes feel like a superhero because of the amount that I endure. I mean, who else can be at the mall or grocery shopping, dislocate a knee, and just pop it back in and still look for the best sales? Yeah. I feel pretty good about that.

I have also learned to enjoy small things in life because of EDS. I have grown to understand the joy of getting up in the morning and drinking my cup of coffee and not hurting on my good days. Even though there are bad days, I know that I need to be positive about the future and what it holds. You are probably thinking, “she has said this a lot.” But, it is the truth. It is much easier to live through a bad day knowing that tomorrow could be a good day. Knowing that there is an end to the bad day at some point makes the time go faster.

Through all the pain and the bad days, EDS has changed my life a lot but the most important change is the community and passion it brings. There are many zebras out there that struggle and need help just like I do. I think that the most important part of my having EDS is the way it makes me feel about helping everyone else. I know what I have dealt with. I know that invisible diseases are hard to understand because you can not see the pain someone is in under their skin. It has made me very passionate about raising awareness and standing up for all the zebras in the world. This has been the greatest change. The sense of purpose and the motivation to help in any way I can.

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