How I have Adapted

Day 5 asks how I have adapted to my diagnosis. 

Adaption for me is more of a state of mind. I have to adapt my thinking towards certain situations. I have to think about each and everything I do and how it will effect me. This may sound like something that everyone does but it’s a bit different for me. If I am invited to go somewhere with friends, I have to think about how long it will take, if there is walking, sitting or standing and how long if each, if the venue has stairs, what I have to do that day, what I did the days prior, what I have to do the days after the event, and a lot more. I have to think about all this and whether it is worth the amount of stress it will put on my body or not. This is the biggest adaption I have had to make through out my diagnosis but there are others too. 

Another way I have had to adapt is that I can’t do the things that I used to. I can’t be as active as I wish I could. I wish more than anything that I could play with my little cousins or run around and catch a frisbee with my friends without being nearly bedridden the next day or end up on the ground with some body part that has gone astray. I have come to understand this is my life and how I survive. I understand why I can’t do these things. Doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated. But I get it. One thing I hate and that I’m having to get adapted to is hearing, “don’t do that” or “sit down” or “you are gunna hurt yourself” or “you shouldn’t be doing that”. I get that all my family and friends are trying to help and keep me safe and I appreciate it more than they know. I am just too stubborn and want to do things on my own sometimes. I need to adapt and accept help when it is offered. 

Thank you guys for being there for me and I will try to not be as stubborn! 

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