What do you want newly diagnosed EDS-ers to know?

Day 4: What I think all EDS-ers to know.

This is a great question for today. As you probably read in my post yesterday, I am having a couple of bad days. I think that all new EDS-ers need to know that there are bad days, but there are good days after. It may be hard to see that during days like this where you feel like you are in too much pain to talk to people, or clean the house or got to work but those good days do exist. It is important to remember those days are around the corner. 
I want all those with EDS (old or new) to also understand one very important thing. There are always people who care and are thinking about you. Someone will always be there for you. Whether your support is an online buddy you met because of EDS or a longtime friend that’s been through it all with you. There is always someone.  I had trouble at first dealing with the idea that no one understands what I am going through but I have wonderful family and have found such great friends that want to learn about what I’m dealin with and how to help. They are what makes this disease survivable. If you can just remember they are always there and hold them close. You will be a okay. 

Shoutout to my friends and family that help me through it all. L. H. M. C. J. T. D. J. T. M. H. C. S. V. You know who you are and how much I love you. 

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